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Folded fin Heatsink Manufacturing process:

A folded fin heatsink is a type of heatsink that is used to dissipate heat from electronic components such as CPUs, GPUs, and power transistors. The manufacturing process of a folded fin heatsink typically involves the following steps:

1. Material selection: The first step in the manufacturing process is to select the appropriate material for the heatsink. Folded fin heatsinks are commonly made from aluminum or copper, both good conductors of heat.

2. Extrusion: The next step is to extrude the material into the desired shape. This involves heating the material to a high temperature and forcing it through a die to create the primary form of the heatsink.

3. Folding: Once the basic shape has been created, the fins are folded into place using a specialized folding machine. The fins are typically folded at a 90-degree angle to the base of the heatsink, creating a series of channels that increase the surface area of the heatsink and improve its ability to dissipate heat.

4. Finishing: Cooling Source typically coated the folded fin heatsink with a protective finish to prevent corrosion and improve its appearance. This may involve anodizing, painting, or powder covering the heatsink.

5. Quality control: Finally, the heatsink is inspected to ensure that it meets the required specifications for size, shape, and performance. This may involve testing the heatsink under different operating conditions to ensure it can effectively dissipate heat from electronic components.

When it comes to heat sinks, sometimes thinner is better—folded Fin Heat Sink.

Folded fin heat sinks can have much thinner fins than extruded heatsinks or bonded fin heat sink assemblies. As a result, they are light and provide good ventilation at a low cost. The most frequent materials used for folded fins are aluminum and copper.
Cooling Source manufacture folded fin heatsinks by bending aluminum or copper sheets. Indeed, folded fins come in various sizes. CSI bond the fins to a different base. The metal base of a folded fin heatsink is diverse from the fins. 
This can be an excellent choice when your needs require a thin-folded fin. Because Cooling Source can make the parts lightweight and with a different material for the base, thus lowering your overall materials and tooling costs.
When there is ducted air, that is, air movement is directed through a duct directly at the heat sink, folded fin heat sinks work well. Fin pitch can be tuned during production, resulting in a high-performing heat sink with ducted airflow. Furthermore, because the heat sink material is folded, the surface area over which heat can be dissipated can significantly increase. As a result, the heat flux density is high in fold-fin heat sinks. The expense of this heat sink, including the manufacture and ducting required in your system, is a disadvantage. 

Cooling Source uses a sequential stamping procedure to make folded fins. Then, our technicians attached the fins to a base via thermally conductive epoxy, brazing, welding, or other metallurgical bonding to create a heat sink. The ability to blend aluminum and copper to adjust the heat sink’s performance to the specific application is a benefit of folded fin heat sinks. 
If you are unsure that this kind of heatsink is the right choice for your needs, our experts know to help you decide on cost, tooling time, and delivery date.

Some of folded fins heatsinks benefits are:


  • Folded Fin Heatsinks can have fins thinner than 0.010.”
  • Fins can be as high as 1 inch
  • Gaps between fins can be 0.060.”
  • We braze or solder folded fin heatsinks in vacuum furnaces
  • Low NRE
  • The base and the fins do not have to be the same material
  • Higher aspect ratio than extrusions


Engineering Support

As part of design work, our engineers apply advanced 3D modeling. Also, we are using cutting-edge CFD tools to optimize your heat transfer project. In addition, we provide our customers with a complete cooling solution to meet specific requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Also, you can count on our Mechanical Engineers to assist with design change and reduce manufacturing costs.

Our fully equipped lab is available to validate your designs, test, and inspect.
The CSI team can help you meet tight schedule requirements while focusing on your business’s core competencies.

Also, we stand by, ready to support you from concept to production globally.

We ensure secure facilities, traceability, and document control.

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